About nftcontracts

With many NFT collections launching in 2021, there's only a few that have stood the test of time, which we know in the crypto world is just months or less. Then of course there are the older projects that have built a foundation for themselves and continue to develop and intrigue collectors like ourselves.

For over a year now we have passed around ideas on how we'd like to be involved in this crypto world and leave our graffiti on the blockchain. We plan to release multiple NFT collections with our first to launch January 2021 and others already in the works. The first of our NFT contracts will be on the Ethereum blockchain with others to follow. We also plan to look at different chains to support the ideas we have.

We will not be going down the line of handing out free NFTs to "influencers" just to cash in on collectors that may have no interest at all in the collections. A few will be reserved for giveaways, collabs and a few to other collectors we have respect for in the space with the understanding we expect nothing in return.

The term roadmap is used losely with many projects we have seen. Some collectors expect to be rewarded in such short time frames (hours or days) they lose patience and push FUD. We will be promoting each of the projects ourselves and we hope along with collectors as well. Don't see this as a no to progression, we'd prefer to deliver at a pace that works and done correctly for existing collectors or new.

Project #01 Arcade Life

When you mint from Project #01 you're not just owning the first NFT in our collection, you're at the start of the journey with us. We have plans for various other projects to accompany your Arcade Life NFTs. Some projects may have similarities or take us down a new path, owning an Arcade Life though will for sure reward you, see it as the genesis, a key to open doors. We will reward our collectors.

Project #02

Lookout, we're actively working on Project #02 and will announce more details soon.

Who are we?

Two friends that work in tech with similar interests and a fascination with crypto since 2012. We have dipped our toes in many aspects of crypto and feel like now is the time to explore NFTs not just as collectors but creators. We aim to bring multiple projects to this space with the driven ambition to explore, learn and cause a stir on the way.